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Dr Ioanna Fragkandrea-Nixon

Accredited Coach


  • Senior NHS Consultant Oncologist
  • Clinical Director of Oncology Services, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde
  • Professor of Practice, Business School, Strathclyde University
  • Former Clinical Lead for Scottish Sarcoma Network
  • MSc Public Health(MPH)
  • Scottish Quality Improvement and Safety Fellow(SQS)
  • Educational Supervisor for postgraduate doctors and specialty trainees.
  • Mentor in National Leadership programmes
  • CMI chartered manager(level 5)
  • AoEC Executive Coach
  • Award Recipient: Scottish Women’s Award 2023 for service in medicine

About Me

I am a senior NHS Consultant, Clinical Director for Oncology Services in the biggest Board in Europe, and Cancer Innovation Lead for the West of Scotland. I provide clinical leadership, driving improvement, research and innovation with the support of local leads. I served as the Lead for the Scottish Sarcoma Network, NCRI (National Cancer Research Institute) Chair and as a member of the New Drugs Committee for the Scottish Medicine Consortium. My leadership journey has been non-linear, challenging and equipped me with self-awareness and clarity. Wonderfully rewarding and leading to many improvements with my team being finalists for the National BMJ awards under cancer team 2020.

My motos in life are “where there is a love of medicine, there is a love of humanity” and ‘you see stars, you make skies”. I became a doctor to help people and as an oncologist I help people at their most vulnerable. As a leader I am passionate to improve patient care and enable peers, teams and organisations thrive. I became a coach to help colleagues understand what is important to them, grow and succeed, using my deep understanding and awareness of all the challenges we face in our profession, as well as in medical and educational leadership.

Coaching Process

Coaching is about helping people make profound and lasting shifts in their life and career by uncovering what is in their way of reaching their full potential. I will walk with you, inviting you to engage in a rigorous process through honest self-assessment, deep personal exploration and highly committed action planning. My coaching is transformational, positive and tailored to who you are and what matters to you. You are whole, resourceful and creative and we will explore together how you can bring all above into life to reach your full potential, feel content and thrive. We will work in partnership and in a flexible way using the right and appropriate coaching tools and techniques to suit your unique needs, goals and aspirations. Through coaching you will:

  • gain more self-awareness and clarity
  • reflect
  • learn
  • take action

I will mee you where your needs are and as an ally walk with you to success.

The coaching sessions can also be tailored to your needs: it can be one or two sessions or a programme depending on your needs.

What can I offer you?

I can help you if:

  • You are at decision making point about your current role, future career and require clarity to plan and make the right choices for you.
  • You are adapting to your role or a new role following maternity leave.
  • You want to have a career in medical leadership and be successful in it.
  • You want to have a career in academic leadership and be successful in it.
  • You are on the verge of burnout and need help
  • You want a better work-life balance, gain more clarity and self-awareness and be happier.

As a woman in medicine and leadership I understand particularly well the challenges female leaders face in healthcare. In that spirit I am  able to support you as a fellow colleague and your coach in your journey onwards and upwards.  

As your coach I will help you succeed in any goal you set, through any challenging situation, transition or career planning by taking a fresh approach, with rapid impact and long-lasting results.  

What are your three unique selling points

1. wealth of experience in medicine, academia and leadership:

I don’t just “talk that talk”, but I “walk the walk” as a doctor and as a leader in Healthcare. I am a senior female consultant in the NHS and a leader in healthcare with extensive experience from healthcare systems in different trusts, boards and countries. Having served in many National and International leadership roles, including NCRI UK Chair for Epidemiology and Survivorship for Head and Neck Cancers,  I have a deep understanding of the challenges doctors, nurses, allied healthcare professionals face in their daily job and as leaders. I also have a deep understanding of the challenges leaders in academia face. Through my coaching I can help you obtain self-clarity, grow and reach their full potential.

2. wealth of experience in supporting people at their most vulnerable and build their resilience:  

Focus on clarity, balance and well-being: I am an oncologist and my profession is person-centered, with communication being key. I listen to understand. What my patients taught me over the course of the years is the incredible power that lies in every human. My coaching is person-centered and tailored to who you are and what matters to you. You are whole, creative and resourceful. We will explore together how you can best use all your skills and inner power to thrive.

3. wealth of theoretical knowledge of healthcare systems and their complexity

 I am a Professor at Strathclyde Business School. I hold an MPH degree, a fellowship in Quality Improvement and Safety and deliver experiential teaching on  health data analytics at the University of Strathclyde.  I have a very round knowledge of healthcare systems and leadership, which enhances my understanding on how to best support individuals pursuing a career in leadership.

Which region of the UK would you be willing to coach? No geographical constraints

Who will you be willing to coach? Individuals and teams 

For what medical career stages are you willing to coach? Medical students, Doctors in training, staff and associate specialists, consultants, GPs and medical Leaders.


“Sometimes you become so consumed in daily activities that you run on autopilot. You helped by allowing me to step back, think and act. You helped me in making decisions and creating thought processes. Thank you”. - Linda, CEO, industry

“During our sessions Ioanna was able to break down many of the barriers we had addressed in the initial consultation. She is skilled at recognising how to overcome weaknesses and to ensure her clients are prepared in dealing with difficult situations. I would totally recommend Ioanna as a coach and grateful to her help”. - 45y old, Sales Lead, Pharmaceutical Industry

“Ioanna is a great listener. Despite her deep scientific knowledge, she doesn’t assume she has a solution, but instead evolves the conversation to enable me find the solutions and construct my next optimal steps. I would recommend Ioanna to anyone seeking to improve their career, performance, leadership potential and also explore avenues to more clarity about themselves. I found myself more self-aware and confident following our sessions and obtained clarity to proceed with the next steps to support my team grow”. - 36y old, CEO, healthcare industry

“I found the experience with Ioanna being transformational. Coaching was an eye opener and it helped me hugely to gain clarity, make decisions and find more joy at work and life. I would recommend Ioanna to anyone needing to find solutions to challenging working environments, obtain clarity and make decision on next right step”. - 54y, NHS Consultant

“I have been very fortunate to have been coached by Ioanna. What a truly wonderful experience! Challenged me on my priorities and helped me to create a clear personal development pathway. Thank you!” - 50y, CEO, Pharmaceutical Industry

Testimonials from compassion and resilience workshops/development days:

“Ioanna was an excellent facilitator. This was such a positive experience for myself and team and I think we should be having retreats to keep momentum!” - GP, NHS

“A great workshop on compassion and resilience. I learned a lot about me and my team. I am taking action now to stop focusing on negatives and create joy at work. Loved Ioanna’s spirit and positive approach! I definitely recommend!” - GP, NHS

“I was a bit apprehensive to attend a development day on resilience. However, this was actually an eye opener, challenged my thinking and allowed me to know my peers better through our interactions during the workshop. Ioanna was a brilliant facilitator, very inspirational and with positive energy that was contagious”. - GP, NHS

“Thank you! Following the session I re-considered a number of behaviours and felt very inspired. I feel my relationship with colleagues is better and actually, in our surgery we now practice gratitude and compassion. Thank you!” - GP, NHS

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