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1 April 2022
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FMLM looks forward to some pertinent leadership lessons from our UK nations

By Dr Paul Evans

FMLM Medical Director and Founding Senior Fellow

With Spring upon us we are fast approaching the conference season and have three key healthcare leadership conferences coming up, hosted by our expert colleagues across the four nations of the UK. These aim to supplement FMLM’s combined, annual international conference to be held later in the year.

We will kick off in Scotland on 10 May, then Northern Ireland (NI) 22 June, and Wales in July, the date of which has yet to be confirmed, but more details will follow soon.

As a professional body working to support and develop medical leadership across the UK, as well as nurture international learning and collaboration, it is vital for FMLM to provide the chance to encourage an active programme of leadership development and insight for and between the four UK nations. We hope members, fellows and stakeholder colleagues will take these opportunities to share their expertise, network and learn from each other.

Scotland’s themed one-day online event, Fear and Courage: Friends or Foes will drill down to the essentials required for tackling the issues prevalent in our post-Covid VUCA world and explore the complex relationship clinical leaders can have with their emotions, when pitched against the harsh realities of challenged confidence and resilience.

Coping with and marshalling emotions are far from soft skills, they are fundamental to all practising clinicians across healthcare and are at the root of our abilities to develop as effective, compassionate leaders. And yet these skills are often at risk of being side-lined by more tangible issues associated with workforce support and development.

The event will be delivered by a great line-up of keynote speakers and panel presenters, from medicine, politics and academia. Huge thanks go to Dr Trudy Foster, FMLM Lead for Scotland, who has developed an impactful programme pertinent to all clinical professions, regardless of location or healthcare system.

Watch this space for upcoming details of the conferences in NI and in Wales. We hope many of you will support these important learning and development opportunities and register to join us at one or more of our UK-nation-led conferences; it would be good to see you there.

The Fear and Courage: Friends or Foes? conference will be hosted from Scotland on Tuesday 10 May. Programme and registration details are now available.

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