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10 September 2012
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Interview-e with Nigel Crisp: Global Health, UK Health

The complete interview is being extracted from review posts as we go along and will grow throughout the course of the month, so rememeber to come back for more.

In the first part, among other things, Nigel Crisp talks about the perceptions of nurse-led Caesarian section in Mozambique, the responsibilties of the Royal Colleges towards driving change in the UK, and how we can and should learn from poor countries: but are they providing a 2nd class service or examples of successful innovation?

In the second installment of their interleaved interview, Simon and Nigel discuss whether the "import/export" ideology between richer and poor countries is fair and expand on whether it is right that the NHS intends globally franchise top-end hospital brands around the world. The demand is definitely there.

In the third installment, Nigel responds to a challenge from Simon on how we can remodel healthcare with the suggestion that we redefine how we perceive health, placing much greater emphasis on social aspects of well-being.

In the fourth and final part, Simon closes by asking Nigel what advice he can offer to the diversely experienced members of the FMLM: 

"Firstly, ... "

(You'll have to read that bit, Ed.)

A big thank you to both Simon Knowles and Nigel Crisp for bringing their insightful discussion to the FMLM Bookclub, which is all the richer for it. As Lord Crisp directly challenges us, now to 'gain direct experience'.

The remainder of this page is for FMLM members only.

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