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28 August 2013
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CCG Clinical Chair transition guide

CCG clinical leaders are in new roles. There is currently no ‘evidence-based’ guidance to refer to about the specific roles and responsibilities. Learning from each other as the roles develop, will be the most useful method of creating this evidence for the future. This paper is a summary of the feedback from some of the new CCG clinical leaders. They were asked what they wished they had known when they first took up their new roles.

Their feedback is described below under a few headings:

  • Leadership
  • Relationships
  • Team building
  • Vision
  • Day to day
  • Sustaining yourself
  • Public

The CCG leaders were also asked about development opportunities that they had found useful. There is not a vast selection of specific programmes for CCG clinical leaders because these are brand new roles. Many new programmes are in development, and some CCG clinical leaders have benefited from more established programmes that have been of benefit to other NHS clinical leadership roles, such as medical directors.

FMLM would like to thank Dr Sarah Schofield, chair NHS West Hampshire CCG for writing this important transition document.

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