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22 March 2016
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Junior doctor engagement – investing in the future

By Rowan Wathes; Peter Spurgeon

Junior doctor engagement – investing in the future is a report by Dr Rowan Wathes, former National Medical Director’s Clinical Fellow, and Prof Peter Spurgeon which looks at the issues facing junior doctors’ medical engagement, and recommendations for improvement.

The report, which is based on an exploratory study to investigate and evaluate different medical engagement approaches, highlights that: "The NHS cannot afford to let its junior workforce become disengaged. Where poor leadership exists, and engagement is not seen as a priority, there is a risk that good doctors will become mediocre. Junior doctors need to be inspired and engaged so that they go on to become engaged consultants, capable of and willing to meet the challenges and demands of the modern NHS. It is a two way street, and junior doctors need to play a role in supporting their trust’s engagement strategies."

Peter Lees, FMLM Chief Executive and Medical Director, stated the report was incredibly timely as the AoMRC and other organisations are also focused on this urgent issue.

Read the report

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