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14 November 2017
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Medical student transition guide

The overall aim of this document is to introduce medical students to medical leadership and management and advise ways in which they can become involved. The target reader is a clinical medical student i.e. who has daily patient contact and works as part of a clinical team. The information may also be helpful to pre-clinical medical students by means of an introduction to the subject. The first version of this document was written by Thomas Stringfellow, medical student at University of Nottingham. A second edition has since been published, written by Cristina Kinsella and Jessica Court, medical students at University of Birmingham. 

‘It is not enough for a clinician to act as a practitioner in their own discipline. They must act as partners to their colleagues, accepting shared accountability for the service provided to their patients. They are also expected to offer leadership and to work with others to change systems when it is necessary for the benefit of patients.’
Professor Peter Rubin, Chair, GMC (Tomorrow’s Doctors, 2009)

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