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FMLM 360 - FAQs

Please take time to read the FAQs below.  These will answer the most commonly asked questions about the scheme.

How do I know which level is right for me?

FMLM and Silvermaple have developed the 360 degree tool at several levels to suit doctors at different leadership responsibilities. The following describes each level and who it might be most appropriate to:

  • Team members – individuals who have a key role as part of a team but no formal line management responsibility. This might include postgraduate trainees.
  • Team leadership – individuals who are required to take on either a formal or informal leadership role within their team. Examples would be lead partners in general practice and consultants leading teams.
  • Operational leadership – individuals responsible for leading a number of teams, a department, or a functional area. Examples might include department heads and leaders of federations of general practices.
  • Strategic leadership – individuals required to perform at board level within their organisation. This might include individuals with senior roles in national or regional organisations, commissioners, and medical directors of hospital trusts.

Clearly there is overlap between these levels, and every doctor’s practice will be unique to them; we would be happy to discuss which level is most appropriate to your appointment.

What can I expect to get from my 360?

  • Enhanced personal insight into your style, impact and performance
  • Constructive challenge in relation to areas where you are less effective
  • Reinforcement of strengths to build upon
  • The basis of a personal development plan
  • Information to share with a coach or mentor in supporting your professional development

What can I use my 360 for?

  • Part of the process of continuing learning and development
  • Evidence of continued professional development
  • Additional information for appraisal, supporting reflection on the leadership and management aspects of a doctor’s scope of practice

How do I register? 

You can start your 360 assessment here.

How much does it cost? 

The tool is competitively priced at £72 (including VAT). We have endeavoured to deliver a cost effective tool which is uniquely relevant to doctors.

What further support is available once I get my report?

We strongly recommend using a coach or a trained appraiser to support your reflection on the 360 degree feedback report. You may identify the need for further support or development after your feedback. FMLM offers a range of services:

  • A detailed leadership diagnostic to explore your leadership style in more detail. FMLM offers, in conjunction with Silvermaple, this diagnostic at a discount for FMLM members. The diagnostic uses a range of psychometric tools and time with an experience occupational psychologist.
  • Coaching - FMLM has established a network of qualified and experienced coaches across the UK.
  • Mentoring - FMLM has a mentoring scheme for members.
  • Transition guides - advice from individuals with significant experience who have transitioned into a variety of leadership roles.
  • Revalidation and appraisal - includes supporting guidance for appraisal, example portfolios and appraisal services.

What if I have technical problems?

If you are having technical difficulties please contact support [at]

If you are experiencing issues where emails are not being delivered to a certain Trust/CCG domain there may be a problem with the security settings associated with that domain.

All emails delivered from the system are delivered from – you can advise your Trust/CCG IT team to add this to their email whitelists which should improve deliverability.

Data protection

great{with}talent ('us' 'we'), registered under the UK Data Protection Act 1998, will be processing the data given in the questionnaire you complete. We will retain and store copies of your data to perform statistical analyses. By completion of the questionnaire, you consent to our use of any personal information to the extent reasonably necessary to process your results. 

great{with}talent is committed to treating your data with absolute due care and in accordance with all applicable data protection regulations.

Who are Great With Talent?

great{with}talent helps organisations increase levels of performance, employee engagement, and reduce staff turnover.

Further information is available on the great{with}talent website.

How many responders can I nominate for each category?

Individuals can nominate responders who are most suitable to comment and ‘rate’ your leadership and management scope of work. Individuals can nominate a minimum of 1 or 2 and a maximum of 9 responders/raters per category.

  • Categories include:
  • Manager
  • Direct report
  • Peer
  • External stakeholder

Got more questions?

If you have a question that is not answered here, please email 360degreefeedback [at] Due to the large volume of requests received, we will only respond to specific queries not covered by the information already provided.


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