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Mr Angus Waite

Head of Professional Services and Innovation

Angus is responsible for professional services and innovation, which includes the FMLM membership, organisational partnerships, and innovating across the Faculty.

He joined the Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management in 2016. Prior to this he worked with a number of healthcare organisations including the Royal College of Physicians to engage with their stakeholders, lead their efforts on population health, raise their profile online, engage with their audience, and ensure sustainability. He has a keen interest in technological improvement including app development and introducing innovations that increase the positive influence of organisations.

He is a founder of Know it Wall, an award winning ed-tech social enterprise, and led the online publication of the 2016 National Clinical Guideline for Stroke. He is a co-founder and director of the London LGBTQ+ Community Centre.

Angus has experience working with stakeholders and partners from across the healthcare and business sectors.

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