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Team X-Ray


During challenging times reflective practice is used by clinicians, but can be overlooked by teams who also need the time and space to reflect collectively and individually on the past few months.

It is important to ask ‘What happened?’, ‘How did we do?’, ‘How did we look after one another?’ and ‘What must we keep and what must we leave behind?’.

Team X-Ray aims to help organisations hold these discussions in order to better prepare ourselves for the next challenge.

Team X-Ray


Who is it for?

A Team X-Ray is an opportunity for a team to ‘pause’ – and purposefully invest a brief period of time and effort to take a step back and ask, “how well are we doing?”

It is an opportunity for teams to share and apply reflective practice and make sense of their current and recent experiences with the aim of becoming a stronger, more cohesive team going forward.

It provides a structure of support for each team member to process their own individual perspective before bringing the whole team together, either virtually or face-to-face.  These well-structured support ‘milestones’ can be powerful for teams and can acknowledge the effort, contribution and commitment from everyone involved.

How does it work?

We start with the leader of the team – they are accountable for the performance and welfare of the team – and their perspective is unique.  An in-depth interview with the team leader helps us to understand the 'leader perspective' which includes broader organisational context and system issues that are relevant to how the team could work together.

The team leader then identifies the team members – people who are significantly involved in the day to day delivery of the work of the team.

We will speak with each team member for around 30 minutes to explore each person's individual perspective on how the team work together – and this informs the design of two ‘Team Summits’.

We will then design and run two 'Team Summits'.  In the virtual version, these take place on Zoom for 90 minutes each. In the face-to-face version, these will take around two hours each time. The first Summit is focused on 'What happened in the last 12 months?’    The second is focused on what practices and behaviours the team want to keep and sustain moving forward.     

Who and what is involved?

FMLM act as meeting facilitators, story gatherers, neutral supporters and coaches through this process. We will bring broad frameworks within which the team can work and talk and can draw attention to areas that emerge. We can support the team and individuals as they look back over events and experiences so they may then look forward.  

Our driving intention is to for the team to feel they are well equipped and supported as they head into the next year

To find out how 'Team X-Ray' might be adapted to support and develop your team, contact applied [at]

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