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How do we support organisations?

FMLM provides bespoke support to teams and organisations, tailored specifically to meet the unique challenges facing each healthcare organisation.

Leadership development programmes

We provide medical leadership programmes for individuals and teams in a variety of settings. They help healthcare professionals understand themselves, each other, and become better leaders by developing skills to lead individuals and teams, and to influence and navigate an increasingly complex world.

Primary care and CCG leadership development

FMLM has supported Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) throughout the country, helping medical and healthcare professionals to develop leadership skills and capabilities in a way that provides a high level of value to the individuals and their practices, as well as the CCGs.

Development centres

Our programmes develop your future leaders, as well as supporting others coming into leadership roles. Through our development centres you will gain valuable, robust and balanced data providing an objective view of the skills and capabilities of your new generation of clinical leaders. You will also gain insight into your leadership talent pipeline and their development needs. Healthcare professionals, in turn, discover their own capabilities and areas for personal development.

Support for individuals

FMLM also provides individual support through:

If you are interested in discussing what an FMLM Applied programme would entail, please fill out this short form and we will get in touch.

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