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1 September 2022
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FMLM launches working group to address the Fellowship gender gap

A working group, which aims to encourage more women to apply for and attain FMLM Fellowship, has been established by FMLM Founding Senior Fellow and advising associate in general practice, Dr Sarah Schofield.

A snapshot of the overall number of FMLM fellows, taken in July 2022, has identified a gender gap across the FMLM Fellowship categories, which has resulted from a lower rate of Fellowship applications received from female colleagues.


Closing the gender gap in leadership recognition and attainment

As FMLM Fellowship is awarded in recognition of leadership excellence and works to advantage for fellows applying for medical leadership roles, the lower rate of Fellowship applications from women has been identified as a concern, which could result in fewer senior leadership role models among female medical and dental professionals.

The first Fellowship Gender Gap Working Group took place in July and focused on the perceived barriers to FMLM Fellowship and why female colleagues may feel discouraged from applying.

The Working Group is next due to meet in September to focus further on closing the gender gap in leadership recognition and attainment.

Read more about the background to the Fellowship Gender Gap Working Group on the Fellowship page of the FMLM website.

Colleagues interested in contributing to or participating in the work of the Group are invited to contact fellowship [at]  

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