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7 April 2014
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National Medical Director’s Clinical Fellows present at NHS England’s Health and Care Innovation Expo

The main stage was set in Manchester’s grand convention centre. NHS England’s Health and Care Innovation Expo welcomed over 10000 delegates from across the English healthcare sector, including clinicians, patients and their representatives, voluntary sector staff, as well as health care leaders and innovators. Amongst the crowd stood 22 previous and current National Medical Director’s Clinical Fellows eager to tell their stories. They had come together to showcase and represent the scheme that has given them a world of opportunities. They stood alongside Sir Bruce Keogh who has sponsored and supported the fellows throughout their posts and beyond, and Peter Lees and FMLM staff, without whom the scheme would not exist.

Over 100 FMLM members were given complimentary tickets to this conference through the faculty, providing them with the unique opportunity to attend this inspirational conference and to hear from the fellows, Sir Bruce Keogh, Peter Lees and the staff of FMLM about what the scheme means to them.

The Clinical Fellows invited delegates to come to their exhibition stand to engage with them, the staff of FMLM, Sir Bruce Keogh and some of the host organisations. Using eye catching exhibition stands, the fellows presented who they are, what they have achieved in their fellowship year and what the scheme means to them.  You can view the exhibitions stands from our webpage 'History of the National Medical Director's Clinical Fellow Scheme'. The fellows were inundated with interested groups and individuals, curious about the scheme, those thinking about applying and organisations considering the possibility of offering posts in the future.

On the first evening of the conference the Clinical Fellows were welcomed to the main stage to the sound of an African drum roll. Sadly the drum roll was not intended for them, rather for NHS Change Day celebrations, but it was well timed to ensure the Clinical Fellows had a grand entrance. On the main stage the Fellows, Sir Bruce Keogh the National Medical Director and Peter Lees the Medical Director of FMLM presented what the Clinical Fellow Scheme means to them. With current HEE fellow, Steven Alderson, expertly facilitating the session, Sir Bruce Keogh introduced the fellows and explained to the audience why it is important to him to have trainee doctors working with senior healthcare leaders and how proud he is of the achievements of those who have participated in the scheme.

FMLM and NHS England fellow, Leann Johnson, explained the history of the Scheme, followed by current fellows (Marc Wittenberg (NHS England/BMJ), Salman Gauher (NHS England North), Jean Wang (HEE North), Nawaz Ahmad (Bupa) and Rachael Brock (NHS England North) outlining the new skills they have gained and their achievements so far. Via pre-recorded videos, a selection of host organisations explained the influence and importance of fellows in their organisations. Previous fellows (Bethan Graf (NHS England and CQC), Carl Reynolds (NPSA/DoH), Wai Keong Wong (Bupa), and Krishna Chinthapalli (BMJ/RCP) explained what impact the scheme had on their future careers.

Peter Lees closed the session by talking about the importance of the scheme to FMLM, how the fellows are involved with the faculty and its regional work and the overall value to the healthcare system in ensuring trainee doctors continue to gain high level leadership and management experience in leading healthcare organisations.

The Clinical Fellows thoroughly enjoyed this event and would like to take this opportunity to thank Sir Bruce Keogh as sponsor, Peter Lees and FMLM as manager and facilitator of the scheme, and the organisations that host fellows for giving them this exciting opportunity to learn from the most senior healthcare leaders and to develop a unique insight into the healthcare system at this stage in their careers. 

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