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25 March 2022
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National training survey deserves broad support from the profession

The General Medical Council (GMC) has launched the annual National Training Survey (NTS) this week, which invites doctors’ views from across the UK on workplace learning, support and supervision.

FMLM supports this important annual consultation, which has the potential to provide the broadest insight into postgraduate medical training in the UK, looking at what is working well, and what could be improved. All FMLM members and fellows are encouraged to take the 15-minute survey; there is also a reduced, five-minute version designed specifically for trainers.

Kirsten Armit, FMLM Director of Research and FMLM Applied, said:

“We know doctors are frequently asked to participate in research surveys, but these offer an expedient way to bring valuable data together to highlight issues and inform improvements in the training and development experience. The NTS provides important data for organisations, trainers and educators and we encourage our trainee and trainer members and fellows to take part.”

As the pandemic enters its third year, the 2022 survey covers issues including burnout, time to deliver, receive or catch up on training, access to break rooms and study spaces, and the impact of incivility and rudeness in the workplace.

Professor Colin Melville, GMC Medical Director and Director of Education and Standards, said:

“We believe in promoting a culture of reflection and improvement across medical education and the more voices we hear from the more impact we have. We’re urging doctors at all levels and specialties, both supervising and training, to give their views.”

The national training survey will run for six weeks, until Noon on Tuesday 3 May, and results will be published later this year, when trusts, boards and individual sites can assess the data to identify areas needing further support.

The GMC has announced that last year’s survey results are already being applied to this year’s ongoing workforce planning and support for trainees.

Kirsten Armit continued:

“FMLM is committed to supporting research that serves to improve the development of doctors and their leadership capabilities, as well as how healthcare services are delivered to patients.”

FMLM’s national training research project, Improving leadership and management training and assessment for doctors in postgraduate training, which is being undertaken with support from health education bodies across the UK, is open for a further week, should colleagues wish to complete their feedback for the NTS and FMLM’s national training research survey, at the same time.

In case you missed it earlier in the year, you can also support FMLM’s current research on leadership development for doctors in training, which is open until 31 March.

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