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7 December 2012
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TSNews December: Making every moment count - Getting involved in Better Training, Better Care

Leeds and York Partnership Foundation NHS Trust was selected as one of sixteen pilot trusts based on a project to improve training quality, and thus patient care. Better Training Better Care (BTBC) is a national programme which aims to improve the quality of training and learning for the benefit of patient care by enabling the delivery of the key recommendations from Time for Training (Temple, 2010) and Foundation for Excellence (Collins, 2010).

What aspects of training needed to improve?

Although training in Leeds has received consistently good Deanery and GMC feedback, following the implementation of European Working Time Directive, trainees were spending less than 30% of their working week in their core placement with their clinical supervisor, the rest being spent in less supervised on call time with fewer training opportunities, time off post on call, or protected teaching sessions. It was decided that the out-of-hours protocols needed a complete overhaul to address these problems.

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