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17 March 2020
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Research strategy

FMLM’s vision is to inspire and promote excellence in medical leadership to drive continuous improvement in health and healthcare in the UK. High quality evidence and research play a key role in the drive to achieve this.

The FMLM research strategy is a commitment to the importance of research and research evidence in pursuit of the FMLM primary objective of improving care for patients through good medical leadership. Research evidence is an essential prerequisite to gaining maximum benefit for patients from medical leadership and to ensure appropriate disbursement of taxpayers’ money in relation to leadership development.

This strategy, available to download on this page, proposes a leadership and advocacy role for FMLM in strengthening the role of research and research evidence in healthcare leadership. It also provides guidance for FMLM activities including organisational and leadership development programmes.

A comprehensive consultation exercise with prominent academics in the health services research community yielded five objectives to guide the FMLM research agenda over the next three years:

1. Establish academic partnerships
2. Engage FMLM members and fellows in the research agenda
3. Influence the national research agenda
4. Influence research funders
5. Promote and disseminate research evidence.

Research is clearly a collaborative process and the responsibility of multiple stakeholders. This strategy argues that FMLM has a central role in building collaborations and networks as well as identifying the research questions relevant to the UK and internationally. Finally, the strategy identifies a range of indicators to monitor progress and provide quality assurance.

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