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Dr Shehryar Khan

FMLM Clinical Fellow 2023/24

Shehryar graduated from University College London in 2021 completing his foundation programme in the East Midlands.  Shehryar has led several quality improvement (QI) projects leading to changes across a number of hospital departments. With a background in global health, he has multiple publications pertaining to the COVID-19 Pandemic, focussing on differing approaches globally. He has also presented his work at the British Association of Dermatologists, with his project being used to teach trainees at Great Ormond Street Hospital. 

Shehryar’s involvement in fostering partnerships with digital health start-ups has provided him with insight into the advantageous outcomes that can stem from embracing substantial changes on a grand scale, greatly benefiting patients. 

As the Douglas Fellow for the Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management Shehryar hopes to positively impact leadership culture within medicine.  His strong belief centres around the notion that clinicians must possess the capacity to influence health matters at both the intricate individual level and the expansive societal level.

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