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Leaders Plus - Leaders Plus NHS Fellowship


Leaders Plus is a social enterprise supporting talented men and women with young children so that they can progress in their leadership careers whilst at the same time enjoy their young family.
Our award-winning Fellowship Programme gives access to an external peer support network, high-quality training, mentoring and inspiring role models, enabling parents to thrive in their leadership role.

The Leaders Plus NHS Fellowship is a supportive leadership career development programme for NHS leaders with young children who are ambitious in their careers.

Our award-winning Leaders Plus Fellowship has already supported hundreds of parents to progress in their careers whilst enjoying their young families. Due to the high demand from NHS colleagues and with support from our partners, we are delighted to now offer a pioneering programme specifically for NHS clinical and non-clinical staff who are passionate about career development and have young children between the ages of 0 and 11.

The Leaders Plus NHS Fellowship Programme will support parents working in the health service to progress at work into senior leadership positions whilst also balancing commitments as a parent.

Fellows will become part of a strong community of mums and dads working in the NHS, building a positive movement for change so that all new parents can thrive in leadership roles.

The Leaders Plus NHS Fellowship is a leadership career development Programme which is split into two parts. An initial 6-month Foundation Fellowship, followed by an optional 3-month NHS Changemaker Fellowship Programme the year after.

It is delivered via a series of high-quality workshops, roundtable events and online learning resources.

Leaders Plus NHS Foundation Fellowship:
All Fellows will initially join a 6-month Programme which has been expertly designed to help Fellows to progress their career whilst balancing their commitments as a parent.

Leaders Plus NHS Changemaker Fellowship:
All Fellows will have the option of extending their Fellowship experience by continuing with an additional 3-month Leaders Plus Changemaker Fellowship for the NHS. This will take place 12 months after completion of the Foundation Fellowship and Fellows will be supported to lead change projects supporting parents in their department or organisation

Fellows can either sign up for both from the start or begin with the Foundation Fellowship and opt into the Changemaker Fellowship later.


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Demonstrating personal qualities, Working with others, Managing services, Improving services, Setting direction, Creating the vision, Delivering the strategy
FMLM standards
Self awareness and self development, Personal resilience, drive and energy, Effective team work, Cross-team collaborations, Corporate team player, Corporate culture and innovation



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