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Quality improvement

Quality and quality improvement can mean different things to different people.

For FMLM it implies a continual drive, by individuals and organisations, to find more effective and efficient ways to deliver healthcare that results in better outcomes for patients.

We believe that all clinicians have a responsibility to contribute to quality improvement and we are committed to helping our members create a culture of quality improvement in their workplace and to bring about positive change in their organisations.

Here we pull together items from different sources that focus on leadership and quality improvement, including material from the private/independent sector as well as the public sector.


News The Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management joins the UK Health Alliance on Climate Change and commits to making events more sustainable
Article Introducing the new Medical Student Group Co-Chairs
News What’s new on the agenda for the International Conference next month?
News FMLM fixes its sights on healthcare leadership for better patient care: future thinking, practice, and innovation
News FMLM launches a call for abstracts for ePoster presentations for the annual International Conference
Article Collective, collaborative and diverse - clinical management at its best in the time of Covid
Article The climate crisis is a health crisis. Say it again. Then say it louder.
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