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North Cumbria Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust - Clinical Leadership Development Programme


This program is based on a TNA of our medical body, forming a rolling curriculum of 6 modules Application for FMLM Accreditation across 12 months. Each module event has a theme with specified ILOs. The teaching and learning design includes pre and post session self appraisal, and in session formative assessment MCQs and self ratings. The session uses an expert led model with core knowledge and skills components consolidated with scenario based learning.

This course is pitched for clinical directors and aspiring clinical leaders within the organisation, application based on being employed within NCIC, holding a posts as above and being either an existing or aspiring medical leader.

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Demonstrating personal qualities, Working with others, Managing services, Improving services, Setting direction, Creating the vision, Delivering the strategy
FMLM standards
Self awareness and self development, Personal resilience, drive and energy, Effective team work, Cross-team collaborations, Corporate team player, Corporate culture and innovation



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