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Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust - SASH+ Lean for Leaders


Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust provides emergency and non-emergency services to the residents of East Surrey, north-east West Sussex, and South Croydon, including the major towns of Crawley, Horsham, Reigate and Redhill.

The SASH+ Lean for Leaders programme has been running since 2016. Twenty-two cohorts have commenced the programme. A total of 319 participants have completed the programme. The programme was initially delivered in a face to face learning environment but since the pandemic the programme has moved to delivery online delivery via the MS teams platform.

The programme is one year long and consists of :-
• An hour long launch session
• Completion of pre-course reading which consists of two books and three articles and a pre-requisite workbook which is based on the reading and needs to be completed prior to module 1.
• Six 7.5 hour day long taught modules, the majority of which are spaced 6 – 8 weeks apart
• Practical application of the concepts and theory learnt in the taught modules on the participants own genba (workplace)
• Completion of coursework assignments related to the application of the concepts and theory learnt.
• Reflective reporting out to learning peers at the start of each of modules 2 – 6
• A final report out and celebration session

Additional information

Demonstrating personal qualities, Working with others, Managing services, Improving services, Setting direction, Creating the vision, Delivering the strategy
FMLM standards
Self awareness and self development, Personal resilience, drive and energy, Effective team work, Cross-team collaborations, Corporate team player, Corporate culture and innovation



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