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Swansea University: Value-Based Health and Care Executive Education


Swansea Univerisity's courses are delivered by an international faculty of leaders with expert knowledge of health and social care systems – providing diverse insight and experience; to help challenge and shape your thinking and support you in defining the right approach for your organisation and system.

As a leader or manager, the Value-Based Health and Care Executive Education programme will ensure you return to your organisation equipped to validate or build a strategy defined by value and outcomes.

Topics such as 'Implementing and Using Value Measurement', 'Creating a Culture of Value' and 'Understanding What to Measure' will be explored.  You will work with our academics and international faculty to examine case studies and debate topical challenges both in classroom settings and via networking opportunities.  You will work as part of small learning sets, which we hope will continue well beyond the course.

Course outcomes:

  • Help you identify collaborative working opportunities with peers and colleagues from health and social care systems and the life science sector
  • Provide insights and experience to help challenge your thinking
  • Explore how to move from an approach focused on cost and outputs towards models that create greater value and outcomes that matter most to people
  • Validate your long term strategy, consider the skills and capabilities needed in your work force; and support development of a sustainable health and social care system/organisation/business model

To find out more about this programme, please visit Swansea University's website.

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Demonstrating personal qualities, Working with others, Managing services, Improving services, Creating the vision
FMLM standards
Self awareness and self development, Personal resilience, drive and energy, Effective team work, Cross-team collaborations, Corporate culture and innovation



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