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Who is it for and what is the format?

Who is it for?

This programme has been developed for groups of colleagues who want to catalyse improvements in primary care.

The membership of your Catalyst group is for you to decide. A good number is six to eight. We encourage you to engage a PCN Catalyst group of colleagues who bring multiple perspectives and experiences from across your local care system.

Some PCNs take part as an existing leadership team. Other groups combine PCN Directors, GPs, Practice/PCN managers, primary care practitioners, third sector colleagues, social care and community partners, patients … depending on where the energy and curiosity lies locally

What is the format?

Your time is precious and in demand. For this reason, the Catalyst programme is offered in focused 2.5-hour virtual sessions (including breaks) every month for 6 months. In between these, your Catalyst group will take action to progress developments agreed during the sessions. Dates will be set around your availability during 2022.

Additional individual coaching packages are also available for PCN clinical leaders.

This programme is also available to be delivered in person, should circumstances permit.

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What kind of development is this?

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