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Trainee Steering Group (TSG) General Secretary


The Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management (FMLM) is offering the opportunity for trainee members to join the  Trainee Steering Group (TSG). The TSG is a group responsible for representing the views and interests of trainee members within FMLM. The purpose of the TSG is to promote the values of FMLM to trainees and to provide strategic direction for medical leadership and management for its trainee members. 

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FMLM is currently inviting its trainee members to apply for the position of TSG General Secretary. The General Secretary role is integral to the operations of the TSG. You work closely with the Chair and the remainder of the officer team and with FMLM staff to optimise operational activities and productivity of the committee, but also contribute to higher level strategic decision-making. If appointed to this role, you would rescind your regional or other externally appointed lead role within the TSG.

As the General Secretary you will:

  • Be encouraged and supported to promote and highlight the work of the TSG and FMLM, expanding the influence the TSG has regionally, nationally and internationally.
  • Lead and maintain operational aspects to the TSG including organisation of meetings, meeting record keeping, recruitment and governance processes.
  • Work collaboratively with the Chair and other TSG members and relevant FMLM staff members.
  • Contribute to higher level strategic planning and, thus, the overall direction of the TSG, ultimately representing trainee leadership and management on behalf of FMLM.

In addition, there is an opportunity for significant professional and personal development via access to FMLM training opportunities, mentorship, and experiential learning through leading and delivering projects. The FMLM is committed to developing leadership and management among trainees. Joining the TSG will give you the chance to have your say on how this is achieved and delivered.

Additional information

Application deadline:
11 December 2024 - 6:00pm


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