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12 December 2021
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A sustainable winter’s tale?

Over recent weeks, tree planting has emerged as a popular response to the climate emergency, with many organisations leading on this health-enhancing sustainable option to tackle climate change, including initiatives by the Welsh Government, local authorities, the NHS and FMLM.

Our sincere thanks to those members and supporters to date who have donated to FMLM’s tree-planting campaign, launched on our 10th anniversary at the Leaders in Healthcare conference last month, in support of health, wellbeing and sustainability, as well as to mark the retirement of our former Chair, Dame Clare Marx. The campaign has raised nearly £500 so far and more funds have been pledged towards FMLM's plan to plant one and a half hectares of woodland through the National Trust.

The issue of sustainability is at the top of the leadership agenda for so many reasons, not just environmental, but economic, professional and psychological – all of which are impacting on our colleagues and the services they are delivering.

As the winter pressures in healthcare start to bite and we face a third year of Covid, we are ever mindful of the sustainability of staff health and wellbeing and the impact of unsustainable pressure on the delivery of high quality compassionate care. These are crucial concerns for medical leaders and indeed for leadership at every level of the healthcare system.

As we approach mid-winter and one type of tree takes centre-stage as a symbol of protection, health and seasonal goodwill, we also look to support the root and branch development of medical leadership to help sustain our hard-working colleagues throughout the coming weeks and months.

FMLM’s tree-planting campaign is ongoing and will continue in the new year.

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