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12 November 2021
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FMLM accredit Swansea University’s leadership portfolio

Congratulations to Swansea University School of Management, whose portfolio of leadership and management-focused courses have been awarded FMLM accreditation:

FMLM asked Professor Hamish Laing, Director at Swansea University’s School of Management why aligning these programmes to the FMLM Leadership and Management Standards for Medical Professionals is important.

“As a surgeon I realised that doctors provide leadership throughout their careers, whether in a management role, or in the front line with a team of colleagues around them. Sometimes that leadership was recognised by a title on their name badge but often it just went with the job. Either way it is very important, because done well it improves outcomes for patients and the sustainability of healthcare.

"Leadership and resource management, just like clinical skills, can be improved by education, learning from colleagues and mentorship. The FMLM standards provide a benchmark: something to measure one’s improvement against. They also help professionalise those aspects of the job and create a talent pipeline for the future.

"Our courses align to the standards and are an excellent opportunity to develop specific knowledge of Value-Based Healthcare and Healthcare Innovation but also core skills of leadership and management. We are delighted they have been accredited by FMLM for CPD.”

Professor Hamish Laing SSFMLM
Director, Value-Based Health and Care Academy
School of Management, Swansea University

Find out more about Swansea University’s range of accredited programmes on our Education and CPD pages

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