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14 October 2022
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What’s new on the agenda for the International Conference next month?

With four weeks to go, the two-day online conference programme is still being finalised with new content, sessions and expert speakers, including healthcare career coaching guidance, how the role of the ‘new leader’ means thinking more laterally about the role of leadership in increasingly complex environments, and how healthcare leaders can manage patient and public opinion in the face of fake news.

These, along with a focus on primary care and general practice leadership in the developing integrated healthcare landscape, and wider global insights and discussions on system leadership, are just some of the sessions available on the programme.

Dr Paul Evans, FMLM Medical Director, said:

“We need to acknowledge the huge challenges facing our over-stretched systems, services, and dedicated workforces, while also recognising the importance of coming together to discuss and share best practices to support and develop good leadership at every level to maximise effectiveness and patient care.

“This year’s conference presents a real opportunity to review how we can better lead and manage ourselves, our teams, organisations, and systems throughout the UK and share knowledge and experience from across the world, to deliver more effective care for patients. I commend the varied range of sessions on offer and hope you will endorse their importance to the profession by joining us next month.”

Latest conference sessions include:

  • The Career Clinic with Dr Fiona Day – delegates are invited to bring their career decision questions to Dr Day’s evidence-based career clinic, to become clearer on next steps and skills needed, or to deal with concerns around burn-out as a leader
  • The BMJ Leader session with James Mountford, Dr Christine Blanshard and Dr Aoife Molloy – will explore questions and challenges presented by fake news in the media and social media, and how healthcare leaders can deal with the fall-out from misinformation
  • Hearing multiple voices: the role of the new leader with Nigel Acheson and Dave Snowden – this session will look at knowledge management and complexity, to help healthcare leaders to think more laterally about the role of leadership in the future
  • The Big GP Consultation with Dr Sarah Schofield – explores what a positive vision for the future of general practice might look like, and what steps can be taken to get there. The session offers insight through the eyes of the next generation of GPs and leaders of general practice, following the series of consultations supported by FMLM earlier this year.

The programme has been designed to cover all stages of the medical career, all specialties, and all elements of healthcare leadership, to bring individuals, teams, and organisations together to inspire the best leadership for patient care.

See the conference website for more information

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