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FMLM as a designated body

FMLM has been a designated body for revalidation since 2013, outlined in the 2013 Amendment to the Responsible Officer Regulations 2010, as applies to England, Wales and Scotland. The majority of FMLM members will not revalidate through FMLM as they will have a connection, by virtue of their clinical practice, that takes precedence, in line with the GMC algorithm for determining the appropriate designated body.

The FMLM policy on revalidation and appraisal is available on this page. This policy describes that in addition to those doctors named in the legislation, which includes the National Medical Director and the Deputy National Medical Director for NHS England and NHS Improvement, the following doctors may also have a prescribed connection:

  • A member of FMLM practising in the UK and who has no prior connection (usually by virtue of their employment or their clinical practice, as described by the GMC. The expectation is that members who have any clinical practice will have a prior connection.  
  • A member who has no prior connection (again, for example by virtue of their clinical practice) but who also is a member of one or more of the other named professional bodies in the legislation, will have a prescribed connection to FMLM if they have been an FMLM member for longer than any other of the named bodies.

Members should be aware that the FMLM Responsible Officer (RO) will take into account whether he or she can properly discharge the duties of an RO, in accordance with the legislation, for doctors as described above. Where it is apparent to the RO that these duties cannot be discharged, the RO will decline the doctor’s connection and will inform the doctor and the GMC of the reasons. 

Members are also advised if they undertake no practice in the UK that requires a licence (for example those in entirely managerial roles, who are retired, or in clinical practice that is entirely overseas) they might consider remaining registered with the GMC but relinquishing their licence. The GMC frequently asked questions on the licence to practise may be of assistance.

Interested in connecting to FMLM?

If you are interested in connecting to FMLM, you will need to ascertain if it is appropriate for FMLM to act as your Designated Body.

  1. Please read the FMLM revalidation and appraisal policy to check that you meet the criteria (available to download on this page).
  2. Contact the GMC directly or refer to the GMC Connect 'My DB tool' and use the connection algorithm to verify that FMLM is an appropriate designated body for you. 
  3. If you establish a connection through the GMC, please download and complete a 'Connection Form' (available to download on this page). Email a copy to FMLM at revalidation [at] outlining the reasons that a change of Designated Body is required.

Members connected with FMLM

  • FMLM members connected to FMLM are allocated an FMLM Appraiser. FMLM Appraisers are highly experienced, trained and quality assured in appraising those with a significant leadership and management aspect to their practice is appropriate. 
  • Connections also have access to FMLM appraisal toolkit 'Fourteen Fishas part of their Revalidation Fee. FourteenFish is an easy to use, intuitive online appraisal platform with a number of features designed to simplify the appraisal process. The toolkit integrates the Medical Appraisal Guide (MAG) form.

FMLM charges an annual fee for revalidation services. The fee is necessary to cover the professional and administrative time and expenses involved in discharge of these duties. This fee does not include appraisal costs and is in addition to the usual FMLM annual membership fee.  

The Fees as of 2020/21 have been currently frozen for 2023/24 at:
Annual revalidation fee - £1041.67 + VAT
Annual Appraisal fee - £708.33 + VAT


Please contact revalidation [at] for any questions.

Independant appraisal

FMLM also offers appraisal services for members who do not have a prescribed connection, but for whom an appraisal conducted by highly experienced appraiser for their non-clinical scope of work is appropriate.

Contact us

If you have questions or would like to access our services, please contact us at revalidation [at]


Some frequently asked questions on revalidation

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