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3 June 2016
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Aiming blind and big

By Stuart Crainer

This article is part of the Contemporary leadership series

Talking to entrepreneurial leaders you never know what to expect. Sometimes their business idea appears badly developed. Other times it is so highly developed that they can appear caught in an entrepreneurial straightjacket of great intentions.

Likewise, the personalities and characters of the entrepreneurs vary wildly.  Some MBA types seem fixated on spreadsheets and preparing for every known and unknown variable.  Others appear more pragmatic, willing to go with the flow. 

Pragmatism should not be interpreted as a sign of weakness.  This was brought home talking with Sarah Wood of Unruly, a company that started life in 2006. There was, she laughingly admitted, no master plan.  Indeed, there was no plan. 

Stuart Crainer is the former editor of the award-winning magazine Business Strategy Review and co-founder of the Thinkers50. According to Personnel Today he is one of the most influential people in British people management. His book credits include The Management Century and a biography of the management guru Tom Peters. His work with Des Dearlove in business thought leadership led Management Today to describe them as “market makers par excellence.” Stuart is an adjunct professor at IE Business School.

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