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14 November 2013
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The Shape of Training Review - What’s the big deal?

By S Panchal; S Alderson

In recent years, there have been significant developments in UK medical education and training, following recommendations made in a number of seminal reports. However, those reports have also pointed to the need for further reform if medical education and training is to support and respond to society’s changing needs.

Professor David Greenaway, the Vice-Chancellor of Nottingham University, undertook a review of the current structure of postgraduate medical education and training across the UK. The aim of the review was to make sure we continue to train effective doctors who are fit to practise in the UK provide high quality and safe care and meet the needs of patients and service now and in the future.

Some of the key recommendations in the published report are:

  • Full registration should move to the point of graduation from medical school
  • Postgraduate training must be structured within broad specialty areas based on patient care themes and defined by common clinical objectives
  • Medicine has to be a sustainable career with opportunities for doctors to change roles and specialties throughout their careers.

Clinical fellows Dr Sonia Panchal and Dr Steven Alderson have created a one-page briefing of the proposed changes and how they would affect trainees in the future. Also highlighted are the potential controversies that have been raised.

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