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13 July 2016
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What’s your strategy in 15 words?

By Stuart Crainer

This article is part of the Contemporary leadership series

Imagine you are a CEO. You take your top team away for a strategy session at a suitably well-furnished hotel somewhere in the countryside. Over two days of discussions, you emerge with a great new strategy for the organisation.

The future is mapped out with brilliant simplicity, markets will be disrupted, the competition won’t know what has hit them. You get back to the office and let some bright consultants loose to test out the strategy. The numbers add up, the insights into where the market is going appear robust, and then…. Well, and then you put the brilliantly conceived strategy into the top drawer of your desk (next to the hip flask, picture of your first love and ancient teddy bear).

Stuart Crainer is the former editor of the award-winning magazine Business Strategy Review and co-founder of the Thinkers50. According to Personnel Today he is one of the most influential people in British people management. His book credits include The Management Century and a biography of the management guru Tom Peters. His work with Des Dearlove in business thought leadership led Management Today to describe them as “market makers par excellence.” Stuart is an adjunct professor at IE Business School.

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