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Training and development hub

Medical training and career development in the UK is a highly structured and regulated process that is recognised world-wide for its high quality. The pathway of clinical training allows doctors to gain the knowledge, skills and experience that is required as a consultant or GP and is clear and understood by doctors.

No such pathway exists within the profession regarding the development of effective medical leadership. Doctors with leadership potential move from the highly structured and understood system of clinical training, into a pathway with apparently little structure, where the onus is on the individual to forge their own development.

A hub of leadership opportunities

FMLM Trainee Steering Group (TSG) in collaboration with the Leadership Academy have collated leadership development opportunities that are available regionally, nationally and online. This is a central resource to signpost to useful development opportunities.

The future

Regional representatives of the FMLM TSG will monitor for new opportunities and this site will be regularly updated.

In the coming months FMLM will be developing a fully interactive toolkit to more easily navigate and record your development opportunities - sign up to receive our newsletters or become a member for updates.

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