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FMLM published the Leadership and management standards for medical professionals in 2015 (2nd edition, 2016) and offers the opportunity for members to apply for senior fellowship (SFFMLM), fellowship (FFMLM) or associate fellowship (AFFMLM) through a process of certification by portfolio.

Fellowship recognises members of FMLM for their medical leadership and is awarded through certification against the Leadership and management standards for medical professionals.


  • Why certification?

    Patients and healthcare systems require the very best leaders. With the Leadership and management standards for medical professionals established in 2015, the development of FMLM certification is the next step in our work to professionalise medical leadership and management. It addresses key recommendations in two critical reports - the Francis report on Mid Staffordshire Foundation Trust and the Kirkup report on Morecambe Bay Foundation Trust - which underscore the importance of standards and the professionalisation of leadership in driving the quality of healthcare in which doctors play a significant role.

    Application and assessment process

    Certification for fellowship is currently open to UK-based FMLM members. The Founding period of fellowship will run until 2 April 2018 in recognition of the first full year from the launch of the final level of fellowship (Associate Fellowship in April 2017). 

    The process, by portfolio, includes an assessment of knowledgebehavioursexperience and impact.

    Applications, supporting documentation and references will be reviewed by members of the Standards Certification and Award Committee (SCAC). The SCAC includes senior medical leaders (who hold SFFMLM or FFMLM) and lay members.


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