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FMLM Fellows

More than 200 medical leaders have been awarded Fellowship of FMLM at multiple levels, since 2016. FMLM Fellows include a broad range of clinical leaders who have been recognised for their leadership experience, skills and contribution to healthcare at all levels. To find out more about FMLM Fellows, their motivations as clinical leaders and their career pathways, click on their names below.

Honorary Senior Fellowship

Dr Frank Atherton Professor Sir Neil Douglas Professor Dirk Pickuth
Dr Catherine Calderwood Mr Martin Else Professor Stephen Powis
Baroness Julia Cumberlege Professor Sir Bruce Keogh Mrs Emelia Spencer (Founding)
Dame Sally Davies Dr Michael McBride Professor Jane Dacre

Senior Fellowship

Mr Nigel Acheson (Founding) Dr Sandra Husbands Dr Stephen Pike (Founding)
Dr Lara Alloway Dr Rowland Illing Dr Jane Povey (Founding)
Professor Jane Anderson (Founding) Mrs Celia Ingham Clark (Founding) Professor Rishabh Prasad
Dr Sreeman Andole Dr Catherine Jack (Founding) Dr Rosalind Ranson
Dr Victoria Banks (Founding) Professor Chris Jones (Founding) Professor William Roche (Founding)
Dr Tony Berendt (Founding) Dr Lesley Kay Professor Andrew Rowland
Dr Peter Bibawy Dr Penny Kechagioglou Dr Nilesh Sanganee
Dr Sarah Bromley  Mr Jacques Kerr (Founding) Dr Sarah Schofield (Founding)
Dr Andrew Brooks Dr Karen Kirkham Professor Mairi Scott (Founding)
Professor Derek Patrick Anthony Burke (Founding) Mrs Geeta Kumar Dr Kashif Siddiqui
Dr Ruth Burnett Professor Hamish Laing (Founding) Dr Gillian Smith
Mr Christopher Caddy Professor Mayur Lakhani (Founding) Dr Victoria Tzortziou Brown (Founding)
Dr David Caesar (Founding) Dr Katherine Langford (Founding) Professor Jonathan Valabhji
Dr Susanne Caesar (Founding) Dr David Lee (Founding) Professor Ian Francis Wall (Founding)
Dr Ruth Chapman (Founding) Mr Peter Lees (Founding) Dr Iain Wallace (Founding)
Dr Moira Connolly (Founding) Dr Margaret Sian Lewis (Founding) Dr Sean Weaver
Dr Helen Crimlisk Dr Rachael Liebmann (Founding) Professor Bee Wee (Founding)
Dr Stephen Drotske Professor Caroline MacEwen (Founding) Mr Nicholas White
Dr Paul Evans (Founding) Professor Sheona MacLeod (Founding) Dr Justin Wilson (Founding)
Dr Jon Fistein (Founding) Dr Julian Mark (Founding) Professor Robert Wilson (Founding)
Dr Alan Fletcher Professor Joanne Martin Dr Mike Winter (Founding)
Professor Richard Graham Professor Hugo Mascie-Taylor (Founding) Air Vice Marshall Richard Withnall
Professor Simon Gregory (Founding) Dr Martin McGrath (Founding) Professor Ricky Sharma
Professor Nicholas Harding (Founding) Dr Ursula Montgomery Dr Alison Walker
Dr Sam Hare Professor Ramani Moonesinghe Dr Paula Powell
Professor Jacky Hayden (Founding) Mr William Newman Miss Toli Onon
Ms Brid Hendron (Founding) Professor Sze May Ng Prof. Alyson O'Donnell
Dr Richard Heron (Founding) Dr Peadar O'Mordha (Founding) Dr Franaaz Sharief
Dr Katrina Herren (Founding) Dr Tim Ojo (Founding) Prof. Sue Carr
Dr Timothy Ho (Founding) Professor Meghana Pandit (Founding) Dr Sara Mumford
Dr Henrietta Hughes Dr Rebecca Payne Mr Martin Griffiths
Dr Daljit Hothi Dr Christopher Hilton Dr Jihad Malasi
Professor Trisha Greenhalgh    


Dr Edward Adams (Founding) Dr Christine Goodall (Founding) Dr Krishna Prasad (Founding)
Dr Olukayode Adeeko Dr Timothy Cooper Dr Matthew Revell (Founding)
Dr Pritti Aggarwal Dr Sunil Gupta (Founding) Dr Vijay Rawal
Dr Faizan Ahmed Dr Peter Hale (Founding) Dr Ian Reckless (Founding)
Dr Udupi Alam Dr Ali Hasan (Founding) Dr Stewart Redman (Founding)
Dr Elizabeth Angier Dr Russell Hearn Dr Anna Reed
Dr Anthony Annan Ms Caris Grimes Dr Andrew Massey
Dr Kaleem Baig Dr Oluwatoyosi Adeniji Dr Darren Minshall
Dr Dennis Barnes  Dr Neill Hepburn (Founding) Dr James Risley
Dr Nicholas Barrett Dr MaryAnn Ferreux Dr Giovanni Satta
Dr Martin Bevan (Founding) Dr Emma-Jane Hosking Dr Sam Shah (Founding)
Surgeon Commander Steven Bland Dr Daljit Hothi Dr Satpal Shekhawat
Mr Mark Bowditch Dr Paul Dean Dr Carter Singh (Founding)
Dr Iain Brew Dr Tom Hurst Dr Roberto Tamsanguan
Dr Benjamin Browne Dr Marianne Illsley (Founding) Dr Martin Tohill
Dr Irfan Chaudry (Founding) Dr Paul Jackson Dr Derek Tracy (Founding)
Dr Brighton Chireka (Founding) Dr Gurpreet Singh Kalra Dr Mala Ubhi
Professor Charles Clark (Founding) Dr Sanjith Kamath (Founding) Dr Emma Walker
Dr Tristan Cope Dr Iain Kennedy Dr Jonathan Westbrook 
Dr Jeremy Cordingley (Founding) Dr David Kingsley (Founding) Dr Jonathan Whelan (Founding)
Dr Lenny Cornwall (Founding) Dr Timothy Lavy Dr Sean Whyte
Dr Stephanie Coughlin Dr Harriet Leyland (Founding) Dr Anthony Woolfson
Mr Jeremy Cundall Professor Nicholas Linker Dr Anna Caroline Wroe
Dr Andrew Dayani Dr Hilary MacPherson (Founding) Dr Esther Youd (Founding)
Mr Scott Deacon Dr Tim Martindale Dr Rory Honney
Dr Clare Dollery Professor Mark Taubert Dr James Dixon
Dr Julie Cox Dr John McGuinness Dr Anup Shah
Dr Greg Edwards Dr Duncan McPherson Mr Crispin Wigfield
Professor Paul Edwards Mr Nigel Mercer (Founding) Dr Stephen Haig
Dr Stephen Edwards (Founding) Dr Ashraf Nasim Dr Nick Merrifield
Dr Trudy Foster (Founding) Dr Moe Thaw Oo Dr Leonard Maguire
Dr Ioanna Fragkandrea-Nixon (Founding) Dr Hassan Paraiso Dr Magnus Nelson
Mr Ioannis Gerogiannis Dr Mark Poulson Dr Thomas Mathew
Dr Adam Daly Dr Sebastain Spencer Dr John Snelling
Mr Andrew McLaren Dr Clare Harris  

Associate Fellowship

Dr Oluwaseun Adebambo (Founding) Dr Susan Hayward (Founding) Dr David Rawlinson (Founding)
Mr Kiran Amin Dr Joshua Hodgson Mr Daniel Ryan (Founding)
Mr Nick Aresti Dr Gareth Hynes (Founding) Dr Mohammad Aamir Saifuddin (Founding)
Dr Jonathan Bailey (Founding) Dr Nauman Jadoon Dr Anup Shah
Dr Elena Baker-Glenn (Founding) Dr Adam Januszewski Dr Waqas Akhtar
Dr Catriona Barlow Mr Geoffrey Roberts Dr Brendan Spooner
Dr Sam Bartlett-Pestell Dr Muhammad Arsalan Zamir Mr Sami Stagnell (Founding)
Dr Charles Bell Dr Kaushik Lahiri Dr Hitesh Tailor
Dr Victoria Bradley Dr Karen Lindsay Dr Iona Thorne (Founding)
Dr Salman Chatha  Dr James Maguire Dr Alex Till
Dr Yang Chen (Founding) Dr Leonard Maguire Dr Judith Jane Tweedie (Founding)
Dr Michael Cottle Dr Myra Malik Dr Gbolahan Afolabi Williams
Dr Elspeth Cumber Dr Devina Maru Dr Arrash Arya Yassaee (Founding)
Dr James de Boisanger Dr Natasha Matthews Dr Claire Edwin
Dr Kyle Gibson Dr Robert O'Donnell Dr Xanthippi Tseretopoulou
Dr Ricky Frazer (Founding) Dr Cameron Braddy-Green  Dr Emily Audet
Dr S M Javaid Dr Marietta Pal-Magdics Dr Matthew Beresford
Dr Andrew Hall (Founding) Dr Vishal Shah Dr Alice Bradley
Dr Sian Reece Dr Cynthia Udensi Dr Julia Darko
Dr Susannah Eyre-Brook Dr Nour Hanga Dr Rebecca Kelly
Mr Jacob Koris Dr Matthew Lee Dr Sunil Mamtora
Dr Kavir Matharu Dr Holly Middleditch Dr Rachel Rajadurai
Dr Priyanka Singhal Dr Theo Bartholomew Dr Zain Hameed
Miss Hollie Hawrot Dr Katrina McLarty Dr Neil Cunningham
Dr Tom Hine-Thomas Dr Jamie Smyth Dr Florence Wedmore
Dr Ben Cracknell Dr Naomi Gostelow Dr Thomas York
Dr Cemal Kavasogullari    

Collaborative Fellowship 

Mr Scott Baker Miss Rifat Arshad Miss Aiysha Raoof
Mrs Sarah Garland Mrs Onyinye Ndefo Mrs Natasha Chesler
Dr Emma Jones Mr Dhiren Shivji Mrs Gemma Buttinger
Mrs Gina Mayo Mrs Temitope Ojikutu  

International Fellowship 

Dr Neong Shuet Ching  

Fellowship Ad Hominem

Ms Kirsten Armit Ms Jenny Ehrhardt
Mr Stephen Brooks Mr Tom Grinyer

 Deceased Fellows

FMLM records with regret the death of the following fellows:

  • Professor Sir Neil Douglas MD DSc FRCPE, deceased August 2020. He was Founding Senior Fellow - 2015, A respiratory consultant, former president of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh, former chair of the UK’s Academy of Medical Royal Colleges and Founding Chair of FMLM.
  • Dame Clare Marx, deceased November 2022.

Nominate a colleague for fellowship

If you work with or for, a dynamic and enthusiastic clinician who you believe should be recognised for their leadership skills and contribution

Spotlight on...

Read about the values and motivations of Dr Sarah SchofieldChair of Westhampshire CCG and Founding Senior Fellow. 



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